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Harry Styles tells Alli Simpson how he chats up girls – latest One Direction video interview

Harry Styles recently upset some Directioners by posing in a photo with Alli Simpson, the younger sister of singer Cody Simpson. So One Direction fans who are jealous of the 14-year-old might want to avert their eyes now—she also got to interview Harry and his band mates.

Harry Styles Alli Simpson

Pretty Alli Simpson poses with Harry Styles

Alli had the guys all turn around and told them to raise their hands if they were the member of the band that her questions applied most to. During the segment it was revealed that none of the guys are good looking; Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Harry all think that they’re the best dancers; and Zayn Malik has the most girlfriends out of everyone in the group (although Louis did ask Alli to “define girlfriends”—this was probably because of womanizer Hazza). Niall and Zayn also forced Louis to raise his hand when Alli Simpson asked who the most stylish member of the group is.

Alli then asked the guys, “If there was a beautiful girl in the room, what would you say to her in one sentence?” Of course Harry Styles, being the Don Juan of the group, thought that he knows the best way to impress a girl. He told Alli, “I think they like it when you compliment their personality rather than looks.” However, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson were quick to point out the flaws in Harry’s logic—how can you compliment a girl on her personality if you’ve only just seen her?

Louis tried out Harry Styles’ terrible pickup plan on Alli Simpson by stepping toward her and saying, “I bet you’re a really nice girl.” It was pretty bad, so some of the other guys tried to come up with their own ideas. Niall Horan had one of the best pickup lines with this: “Hi, I’m Niall. Nice to meet you.” This might not work on other celebrities like Demi Lovato, but hearing those words would definitely make Directioners melt. So would Zayn Malik’s idea: “I’m Zayn. Give me your number.” Then again, Niall and Zayn probably wouldn’t have to say anything to impress pretty One Direction fans.

You can check out One Direction’s interview below—it looks like Harry got a bit of a haircut. And judging from the comments on YouTube, some fans are not happy about Alli getting to talk to the guys.

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