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Would Harry Styles be that stupid??

A nude photograph circulating on the internet and claimed to be of Harry Styles is most definitely not according to the One Direction band member and it has now been confirmed that the picture is not of the teenage heartthrob.

Just shows the lengths some people will go to in order to smear mud on a celebrity, but what can be seen in the pic is a head full of curly brown hair, Harry’s trademark, and a silver dog tag similar to the one usually sported by the heartthrob.

In the frame, the man is seen standing in a bathroom, which bears a resemblance to the bathroom in the X Factor house when One Direction were contestants on the show, posing in a mirror.

A shower can be seen behind him, although the water isn’t on, and the man is seen with his underpants pulled down, displaying his private parts to the camera.

We give harry the benefit of the doubt this time but if it was a bit of larking around gone wrong then he should consider himself lucky that the evidence just does not hold up!

Amazing the lengths people will go to make a story..

Many One Direction fans decided to believe the shot was of Harry as he has often spoken about his love of being naked.

He said in a recent interview: ‘I just like to be free.

‘Being naked makes me feel alive – we should all do it.’

For the benefit of those not au fait with The X Factor, there’s no official lead singer, but Harry Styles, a phenomenon of tousled hair, is the 17-year-old alpha puppy.

When he chats to the crowd, the screech goes exponential. This later provides ample cover for a stage-hand trying to steer a prop campfire into position in time for the medley.

One Direction are currently on a tour of the UK, and are performing in London tonight.

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